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Here at Pawndr, we believe that every animal deserves a loving home. That’s why we’ve created an innovative app that makes it easier than ever to adopt from animal shelters all over the world. By simply browsing through our extensive catalog of adoptable animals, you can find your perfect furry friend in just a matter of minutes. Our mission is to change lives by connecting caring individuals with the animals they love.

Welcome Shelters! Pawnd'r is extremely easy to navigate, but incase you are having troubles here is a step-by-step tutorial to make life with us a little easier.

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Why Use Pawndr?

Welcome to Pawndr, the app that connects animal lovers with animals in need. Our app is designed to help users find the perfect pet for their home and lifestyle, while also giving shelter animals the chance to find their perfect match. Using our app, you can view animals at your local shelter, learn about their history, personality, and needs, and connect directly with the shelter to arrange a meeting. Every adoption through Pawndr is a win for shelter animals and for those who are looking for a new best friend. Come join our community of animal lovers and make a difference today.

We are here to help change the world, one animal at a time. 

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Part of the Pack

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