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First Time Adopting?

Congratulations! You want to adopt an animal from a shelter!

Here are a few things to consider, along with some helpful tips while adjusting a new family member to their new home!  

Adopting a new animal from the shelter is much different than just finding a new puppy. These animals in shelters have been through more than we can ever know. We have to be patient and kind. Our mission is to make these animals feel and safe and sound, allowing them to be the goofy, funny, loving animals: that we come to love so much!


Below are 10 Helpful Tips to Adopting an Animal!

Welcoming a new pet into your family is both exciting and challenging. Practicing these basic guidelines can help make the transition smoother and support a successful adoption.

Thank you Chewy for publishing a great website, that we were able to get so much helpful information to share to the adopting world! 10 Tips for the First 30 Days After Adopting a Dog | PetMD

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